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Dasheri Mangoes 2 Box of 3 KG total 6 KG

Dasheri Mangoes 2 Box of 3 KG total 6 KG

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Dasheri Mangoes - Delve into the exquisite sweetness of Dasheri Mangoes, a prized variety native to the northern regions of India. Known for their elongated, sleek shape and beautiful green peel that remains even when ripe, Dasheri mangoes are a symbol of heritage and flavor. The flesh of the Dasheri is exceptionally smooth, with almost no fibrous texture, making every bite a luxurious experience. This mango variety is celebrated for its inherent sweetness and a subtle hint of tartness, which perfectly balances the taste. Dasheri mangoes are not only delicious but also aromatic, filling the air with a pleasant fruity fragrance that beckons one to savor its richness. Ideal for eating fresh or in fruit salads, Dasheri mangoes offer a refreshing and authentic taste that captures the essence of Indian orchards.

2 Box of 3 KG total 6 KG

Net Weight 3 Kgsx 2 = 6 kgs

Gross Weight 3.3 Kgsx 2 = 6.6 kg

Number of Mangoes  16 or 18 per Box



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