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Kaliga Bazaar



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Himayat mangoes, also known as Imam Pasand, are highly esteemed for their exquisite taste and delightful aroma. Originating in India, these mangoes are celebrated for their unique flavor profile, combining hints of sweetness with a subtle tanginess, making them a favorite among mango enthusiasts. The Himayat mango is distinguished by its oblong shape and vibrant green skin, which may develop a light yellow blush when fully ripe. The flesh of the mango is smooth, buttery, and fiberless, enveloping a relatively small seed. These mangoes are typically harvested in the late summer and are often enjoyed fresh, in desserts, or incorporated into various culinary dishes. Due to their superior taste and texture, Himayat mangoes are considered a luxurious treat and are sought after during their seasonal availability.

Net Weight 3 Kgs

Gross Weight 3.3 Kgs

Number of Mangoes Box 6 to 7 per box

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