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Kaliga Bazaar

Banganapalle Mango - 3 Box of 3 KG total 9 KG

Banganapalle Mango - 3 Box of 3 KG total 9 KG

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Banganapalli Mangoes - Also known as 'Beneisha', these mangoes are large with a thin golden yellow skin and a bountiful flesh that's both sweet and meaty. Banganapalli is exceptionally sweet and juicy, making it a favorite among mango lovers.

Each mango is a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of India, nurtured with care and cultivated under optimal conditions to ensure the highest quality. Our mangoes are freshly harvested, packed, and shipped with utmost care to preserve their heavenly flavor and aroma.

3 Box of 3 KG total 9 KG

Net Weight 3 Kgsx 3 = 9 KG

Gross Weight 3.3 Kgs x 3 = 9.9 KG

Number of Mangoes 9 to 10 per Box



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