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Pedda Rasalu 2 Box of 3 KG total 6 KG

Pedda Rasalu 2 Box of 3 KG total 6 KG

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Peda Rasalu Mangoes - Savor the exceptional sweetness of Peda Rasalu Mangoes, cherished for their rich, creamy texture and deep, compelling flavor. These large, oblong mangoes have a distinctive thick skin that peels back to reveal luscious, fiber-less golden flesh. Peda Rasalu is particularly revered for its dessert-quality sweetness and buttery pulp, making it perfect for traditional sweets, mango lassi, or simply enjoyed on its own. The aroma of Peda Rasalu is subtly floral, adding an extra layer of indulgence to its already decadent profile. Enjoy these mangoes as a luxurious treat that embodies the lushness of India’s mango varieties.

2 Box of 3 KG total 6 KG

Net Weight 3 Kgsx 2 = 6 kgs

Gross Weight 3.3 Kgsx 2 = 6.6 kg

Number of Mangoes 6 or 7 per Box


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